Rare Opportunity To Own Private Label Rights To A Proven Top 20 Clickbank Health & Fitness Product That Has Sold 56,448 Copies

This done-for-you business includes...

  1. An eBook that spent years in the top 20 of ClickBank’s ultra-competitive Health & Fitness category and grossed over a million dollars in sales (proof below)
  2. A winning sales letter that was written by a $10k copywriter and fine tuned with a decade of improvements and split tests.
  3. An opt-in page and email follow up series with a compelling blend of hard sell and informative soft sell emails that will keep your readers engaged, and more importantly keep them opening your emails
  4. Bonus guides that complement the main product and add value to the promotion. These are not fluff bonuses stuffed into the offer to boost the perceived value. Your customers will love them
  5. Banner ads that actually make sales. Having a top 100k Alexa ranked site with millions of visitors (proof below) has let me test a lot of different banner ads. I’ve tried pretty banners that cost hundreds of dollars to have designed and ugly banners I whipped up myself in photoshop. You’re going to get the proven winners
  6. Marketing Intel report from my 10 years in this niche. I’ve run promotions I thought for sure would be a home run that failed spectacularly, and I’ve tried things I wasn’t sure about that made me 5-figures overnight. I'll share what I've learned

About The Product

The eBook is titled Master Cleanse Secrets. The Master Cleanse is a wildly popular 10-day detox diet with passionate fans all over the globe.

Celebrities use the Master Cleanse. Fitness Gurus use the Master Cleanse. Natural Health Experts use the Master Cleanse. It has mass appeal and it only costs a couple dollars a day so it's accessible to almost everyone.

The Master Cleanse has a reputation for fast weight loss and the ability to cure too many health problems to list. I've received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from customers sharing the miraculous results they achieved with the Master Cleanse.

Some of the health & fitness markets this book appeals to are...

- Long-term Weight Loss
- Fast Weight Loss
- Detoxing
- Beauty & Rejuvenation
- Natural Cures
- Even The Metaphysical Side Of Fasting

The Master Cleanse is not a "here today gone tomorrow" health fad. It's been popular for decades. If you choose to invest in the rights to this book you will own a product that can make you money for years.

Cleansing and Detoxing is a giant market. Let's take a look at some keywords and the kind of numbers they're generating in Google each month...

keyword 1

keyword 2

keyword 3

That’s just a small sample to show the Master Cleanse is not a micro-niche. There are thousands of keywords that get searched for millions of times a month that you can promote this product to. There are also millions of people on Facebook you can target.

Specificity Sells

You can see there are millions of people who are potential Master Cleanse Secrets customers.

What makes Master Cleanse Secrets special besides having made over a million dollars is that it’s a specific solution with mass appeal.

Just because more people search for “healthy recipes” than “Master Cleanse” doesn’t mean you would make more money with a healthy recipe book. That kind of bland content is hard to give away for free in exchange for an email opt-in.

Master Cleanse Secrets benefits from being a very specific product that can be offered to a very large segment of the health & fitness market.

56,448 Copies Sold And $1,260,303 In Sales

Here’s a screenshot of my sales analytics.

First, let me explain the goal conversion rate. If you’re a successful Clickbank seller you already know the story…

When you have a popular product on Clickbank you get affiliates who use dodgy traffic sources like redirect traffic to promote your product. They only make one sale for every couple thousand visitors they send to your site and drive down the conversion rate.

sales chart

Clickbank, and the internet in general, have gotten better at stopping these questionable affiliate marketing tactics but it was a free for all back in 2007 when I first launched this product.

The conversion rate from legitimate traffic is 2% on the low end and as high as 6% for quality list traffic.

While we’re on the subject of traffic, here’s the Alexa data for mastercleansesecrets.com. The internet marketing arena is filled with gurus posting bogus stats to show how successful they are.

You can verify this Alexa data yourself and see this site was incredibly successful and spent time as a top 100k site in the world.

alexa rank

One more screencap and we’ll get back to talking about how you can own the rights to a market-tested information product for a lot less than the $500 I should be charging...

Here are the historical Clickbank rankings from cbengine.com. Master Cleanse Secrets danced around the top 20 of the very competitive Health & Fitness category for a couple years. This could be the biggest selling health and fitness info product to ever offer private label rights!

clickbank ranking

A Winning Sales Letter

There are a few superb PLR sellers out there (I’ve invited the very best to promote this product) and even they agree that much of the PLR floating around the internet is low quality.

The problem with a lot of PLR is that it doesn't make sales.

There's nothing worse for a marketer than putting a product online and refreshing the stats and seeing this...

100 visitors - no sales
250 visitors - no sales
500 visitors - maybe one sale….

Even the best product is hard to sell with a bad sales letter.

To be fair, good sales copy is expensive and it’s asking a lot from most PLR sellers to give you a million dollar sales letter.

What I’m offering you is a market-tested sales letter that has seen millions of visitors and generated over 1 million dollars in sales. Master Cleanse Secrets spent years as a Clickbank best seller because it was heavily promoted by affiliates. Affiliates promoted Master Cleanse Secrets because the sales letter converts.

All you have to do is put this sales letter online and you can start making money

You're Getting A Premium Private Label Rights Product

Most marketers typically do one of three things with PLR content...

- Use it as a bonus to bulk up an existing offer
- Give it away in exchange for an email opt-in
- Or they put a lot of work into enhancing PLR eBooks with their own content and write their own sales letter

This is different. This is a proven best selling product.

Simply put this offer online and you will have a copy of the business I used to generate over a million dollars in sales.

Why You Want To Buy This Now

Spring and Summer are when people get excited about doing the Master Cleanse. They already know the Master Cleanse can be hard so they go online to look for an easier way to do it.

Master Cleanse Secrets teaches them an easy way to do the Master Cleanse and how to reduce or eliminate the side effects.
The book sells like crazy when the weather starts to get warm.

If you decide to grab a copy today you’ll be set up for four solid months of sales. (fyi, it also sells like gangbusters in January when the New Year's resolution crowd flocks to the internet to find a fast way to lose weight).

Here’s What You’ll Get…

master cleanse secrets books

Here's A PDF With Some Samples Of What You're Getting:

- A section from the Master Cleanse Secrets book
- An entry from the Master Cleanse Journal bonus guide
- One of the promotional emails
- The first part of the sales letter (funny story,
that weird "Beautiful Health" headline has been winning
split tests for years. It even beat headlines written by
a copywriter who charges $10k for a sales letter)


Master Cleanse Secrets eBook: Over the years this book has received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from customers. It has changed lives and people love it. You won’t be dealing with high refund rates that plague mediocre PLR products. (50 pages 13,082 words)

Bonus Guides: These are all written to add value to the main Master Cleanse Secrets book. (With a little extra content the “4 Purification Systems” and “After The Master Cleanse” bonuses could be turned into stand-alone products)

Here’s a quick rundown of each guide:

- Optimizing Your 4 Purification Systems: The secret behind your body's 4 main purification systems, and how to fine tune them so you'll be effortlessly cleansing your body 365 days a year (11 pages 2637 words)

- Master Cleanse Journal: I hired a professional health and fitness writer to spend 10 days on the Master Cleanse and write about the experience in a daily journal. This detailed account shares the good and the sometimes unpleasant parts of the Master Cleanse. Customers have told me this journal helped motivated them when they felt like quitting (16 pages 5848 words)

- Poison Water: A guide on how you can protect yourself, and your family, from chemicals and bacteria found in almost all drinking water - including bottled water. This guide promotes an affiliate product that has made me over $30,000 in commissions (10 pages 2382 words)

- After The Master Cleanse: Early on customers would ask for advice on what to do after the Master Cleanse. I created this guide to help them on the next step of their journey towards better health (10 pages 2675 words)

Sales Letter: This sales letter was written by a copywriter who charges $10k per letter and then extensively improved and split tested for the past ten years. It steps outside a few "old school" copywriting rules about educating readers when you should be selling them, but everything has been tested and this baby converts!

sales letter

Opt-in Page & Autoresponder Sequence: I’ve tested video opt-in pages, long form opt-in pages, 2-step opt-in pages, and much more. The elegant little opt-in page you will get defeated them all. You’ll also get a nice mix of hard selling emails and informative emails that keep your list looking forward to hearing from you.

landing page

Banners: You’ll get some fancy banners as well as some plain text banners that almost always outperform pretty banners. All of these have been tested and retested.


Marketing Intel Report: After 10 years in the health and weight loss market I’ve learned that many people don’t want to “blast belly fat” or get “rock hard abs”. A large segment of the population finds that kind of marketing toxic. In this report, you will discover a better way to market to this audience. If you’re in the health & weight loss market you could be losing a lot of money if your marketing uses pictures of gorgeous men & women, and you’re telling prospects they won’t have to work to get in shape. Read that again. It’s not a typo.

marketing intel book

Why Am I Selling Private Label Rights To This Product?

I pulled Master Cleanse Secrets from the ClickBank marketplace a few months ago and rebranded the account with a new offer.

Master Cleanse Secrets still sells a couple copies a day (3% conversion off cold search engine traffic with the sales letter you’ll be getting!) but I’m no longer actively promoting it.

And I’ve never sold a private label rights product before and thought it would be fun to try.

I Think You Can Make More Money Selling This Product Than I Do

If you’re in the health and fitness market I would like to see you make a lot of money with the product that has funded most of my adult life. If you have a list or website with decent traffic I think you can easily make more than I currently make selling this.

And maybe we can work together on future projects? I’m always interested in doing joint ventures with customers!

Thousands Of Hours Have Been Invested In This Product

Everything you're going to get has been meticulously refined over the course of 10 years.

Thousands of hours have been invested into making this product better.

The main book has been re-written four times.

I lost count of the number of revisions the sales letter has been through. It's a lot!

Many improvements happened because of customer feedback. They told me what they wanted and I added it to the product.

Year after year I worked to make Master Cleanse Secrets a better product that my customers would love.

What makes this PLR opportunity so special is massive amounts of testing and improvements that have gone into this product.

You have the opportunity to own 10 years of my labor for about a penny an hour.

You're Getting A 7-Figure Business

The Master Cleanse Secrets book is a best seller that customers adore.

The sales letter alone would cost you $7,000- $15,000 if you wanted to hire a copywriter with the skills to reproduce it.

You’re getting a proven opt-in page and email follow-up series.

The high-quality bonuses that add value to the promotion. Two of them could be turned into stand alone products with a little extra content.

My Marketing Intel Report that can help you create winning offers and avoid promoting products that will send your list running for the unsubscribe link.

Can we agree that what you’re getting here is worth more than most of the PLR products floating around the net?

I believe it is, and feel justified in charging a premium price for the rights to sell this product..

If you have a list or a website that gets traffic this could be one of the better investments you make all year.

If you're just getting started in the health and fitness market you have the opportunity to own a premium product with everything you need to start making money for less than what a freelancer would charge to write a few articles.

Master Cleanse Secrets Weight Loss PLR (Top 20 Clickbank Product)

Here’s one more reason to get your hands on this as soon as possible...

You’re Getting The First Master Cleanse PLR Ebook

Let's jump over to Google and see what comes up when we search for “Master Cleanse PLR”

search results

There are only 10 results. Let’s dig in…

theplrstore.com has some Master Cleanse articles but not a complete information product

thon1.tk redirects to a 3rd rate search engine

One returned an insecure connection warning

Another went to page optimized for the keyword "Master Cleanse" but only offered articles about "colon cleansing" and "internal cleansing"

The journaldigest.net Master Cleanse page has an "Error 521 Web server is down" message

yumpu.com displays a "404 Page Not Found" error

I could not find anyone selling a complete Master Cleanse PLR product!

And when you search for “Master Cleanse PLR” without quotes it doesn’t get much better. All you’ll find is some cheap article packs about “detoxing” and “colon cleansing”

You have a first-of-its-kind opportunity to own the private label rights to a Master Cleanse information product.

The first marketers who got their hands on high-quality Atkins Diet or Six Pack Abs PLR were in a position to make a bundle of money. Today, you have a similar opportunity.

You'll be enjoying a low competition marketplace!

I can tell you from years of experience that from now until the end of Summer this product will be red hot.


Master Cleanse Secrets Weight Loss PLR (Top 20 Clickbank Product)


PLR License Terms

You can’t use my name on the product, give it away for free, or pass PLR rights to others

You can sell it, edit it, bundle it with other products, add it to a paid membership site, and put your name on it if you like