Own Private Label Rights To A 7-Figure Marketer's Acne Cure Sales Funnel

This Done-For-You Business Lets You Sell A Red Hot Product And Keep All The Profits

It's been a year since I released my last premium PLR package and I'm thrilled to be back with another private label rights sales funnel in the multi-billion dollar acne cure market.

Here's a quick look at everything you're getting...

  1. Acne X Factor eBook: This isn't your typical PLR product. It's a meticulously researched 138-page acne cure product that's almost 30,000 words long
  2. Winning Sales Letter: You're getting a 27-page sales letter written by a million dollar copywriter
  3. Opt-In Page & Email Follow Up Series: With this opt-in page and follow up series you'll be able to turn your acne info-product into a lead generating sales funnel
  4. Quick Start Guide: Your customers will love this handy quick start guide that helps them start the Acne X Factor system
  5. Cheat Sheet: This cheat sheet is another conversion booster added to the main offer
  6. Banner Ads: If you have a blog or content site you're getting banner ads that will help you drive traffic to your Acne X Factor sales page
  7. Articles: You can use these articles as blog posts or to build web 2.0 sites

The hardest part about making money online is creating a product and writing a winning sales letter.

If you don't have a great sales letter you won't make any sales.

If you don't have a great product you'll be hammered with refunds from angry customers.

Over the years I've invested thousands of hours into creating products. I've created products that went on to generate 7-figure incomes which I'll talk about in a minute...

If you want to create a great product and a great sales letter on your own you either need a lot of time and a lot of skill, or a ton of money to hire someone to do it for you.

What I'm offering you today is a shortcut to having your own high-quality product and sizzling sales letter for less than you'd pay a freelancer to write a couple articles for you.

You can have this done-for-you business up and running in a flash and be making between $17-$47 per order selling an eBook in the red hot acne cure market.

You're getting private label rights to everything we're about to go over. That means you own this business and keep 100% of every sale you make.

Let's Breakdown What You're Getting...

The eBook you're getting is titled "Acne X Factor" and it reveals a natural system for clearing up acne.

As you can imagine anyone living with acne is desperate for a cure.

These people are also skeptical about prescription drugs for acne with good reason - one of the most popular acne drugs comes with a long list of dangerous and deadly side effects.

This isn't a report that's been fluffed up into an ebook.

The Acne X Factor is a 138-page product that's almost 30,000 words long.

Why that matters...

In 2018 you can't get away charging people for 20-30 page products.

If your book is shorter than the Wikipedia entry about the topic you are going to get buried in refunds.

Your product needs to be comprehensive.

It can't be something your customers could have learned with one or two Google searches

Sadly, a lot of PLR products are a little skimpy when it comes to content that people will feel good about paying for.

Run your eyes over the Acne X Factor table of contents below and you'll see this is a premium product jam-packed with the solutions people suffering with acne are desperately searching for...




With the Acne X Factor, you'll be able to offer your prospects a safe, gentle solution for getting rid of acne.

Legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert said the most important element for making sales in a starving crowd. The millions of people suffering with acne are a starving crowd desperate for a solution.

The Acne X Factor provides them with the solution they're searching for.

Let's go over some keywords and the kind of numbers they're generating in Google each month...


keyword 3

That's just a small sample to show you how many people are looking for a way to get rid of acne.

There are thousands of keywords that get searched for millions of times a month that you can promote this product with. There are also millions of people on Facebook you can target.

You're Also Getting A Winning Sales Letter

There are a few superb PLR sellers out there (I've invited the very best to promote this product) and even they agree that much of the PLR floating around the internet is low quality.

The problem with a lot of PLR content is that it doesn't include sales letter, or if it does, the sales letter isn't very good.

There's nothing worse for a marketer than putting a product online and refreshing the stats and seeing this...

100 visitors - no sales
250 visitors - no sales
500 visitors - maybe one sale….

Without a great sales letter you're not going to make money online.

To be fair, good sales copy is expensive and it's asking a lot from most PLR sellers to give you a winning sales letter.

I've sold over a million dollars worth of ebooks (see proof below) and know how to write sales copy that turns website visitors into customers.

If you wanted to hire me to write you a sales letter it would cost at least $7,000. Today, I'm giving you one of my sales letters with this offer.

Check Out The Sales Letter You're Getting

Rather than brag about how great the sales letter you're getting is, I thought it would be easier to just show you.

Here's the letter you're getting...

(Note: If you grab this offer you'll get the sales letter in the following formats: Word doc, PDF, and HTML file)

You're Also Getting An Opt-in Page And Email Follow Up Series


Not everyone who visits your site is going to buy from you. An opt-in page and email follow up series can double or even triple your income!

I'm including both with this offer so you can turn your acne website into a lead generating sales funnel.

If you were only getting private label rights to what we just went over it would still be a remarkable deal.

But there's still more I want to give you...

Quick Start Guide, Cheat Sheet, Banners, And Articles!

I don't want this to be another PLR product that sits on your hard drive collecting virtual dust. I want you to get this puppy online and making you money.

I'm making it my responsibility to provide you with all the marketing tools you need to turn this product into a wildly successful business.

That's why I'm also giving you...

About Me...

What gives me an edge over a lot of other vendors in the health PLR niche is that I don't just sell PLR products...

I also sell ebooks directly to consumers.

When it comes to selling ebooks I know what works and what doesn't.

Let me share what I was able to generate with one of my products...

I can't promise you'll make a million dollars like I have, but I want you to know that you're getting a product and sales tools created by someone who doesn't just "teach people how to make money online" but someone who is actually successful in the health and fitness niche...

56,448 Copies Sold And $1,260,303 In Sales

Here's a screenshot from the sales analytics for one of my sites...

sales chart

You might be skeptical of that screenshot and I don't blame you. Marketers are known for BS'ing about their income.

You can verify the Alexa data yourself and see this site was incredibly popular and spent time as a top 100k site in the world.

My sales letter was generating so much money that affiliates were flooding the site with traffic....

alexa rank

One more screencap and we'll get back to talking about how you can own the rights to Acne X Factor for a lot less than the $500 I should be charging...

Here are the historical Clickbank rankings from cbengine.com for a product I own. My product danced around the top 20 of the very competitive Health & Fitness category for a couple years.

If you know anything about Clickbank you know products that crack the top 20 in the Health & Fitness category are raking in a fortune.

clickbank ranking

Why You Want To Own This Acne Cure Sales Funnel

Most marketers typically do one of three things with PLR content...

- Use it as a bonus to bulk up an existing offer
- Give it away in exchange for an email opt-in
- Or they put a lot of work into enhancing PLR eBooks with their own content and write their own sales letter

What you're getting today is different...

You're getting a high-quality product with a complete sales funnel and marketing tools that can start making you sales right away.

Simply put this offer online and you're ready to tap into the multi-billion dollar acne market.

Acne X Factor Is A Premium Private Label Rights Product

I don't churn out new PLR products every month. This is the first product I've launched this year and I doubt I'll have another one ready before 2019.

My focus is on giving you a world class product. Creating that takes a lot of time and care.

A PLR package like this isn't something you can outsource for a couple hundred bucks.

The Acne X Factor is something you can be proud to put your name on and start selling to the millions of people struggling to find a cure for acne.

And yes, being a premium PLR product does comes with a premium price.


Acne X Factor PLR


Now Is The Time To Get Your Hands On This

Spring and Summer are when people get excited about looking their very best.

They're out in public more, they're going on vacations, it's warm so they're showing more skin...

If someone is plagued with acne now is the time when they're extra motivated to find a cure.

When you own the Acne X Factor, you'll be able to sell them what they're desperately searching for.

If you decide to grab Acne X Factor private label rights today you'll be set up for months of high volume sales

master cleanse secrets books


Acne X Factor PLR

Why Am I Selling Private Label Rights?

My health and fitness business has evolved to focus on weight loss and detoxing exclusively.

I stopped selling Acne X Factor and a lot of products a few years ago to concentrate on those markets.

Rather than let this great product sit on my hard drive I want to give other marketers the opportunity make money with it.

Hundreds Of Hours Have Been Invested In This Product

I've personally invested hundreds of hours in creating the Acne X Factor and the sales tools you're getting today.

Yes, other PLR like article packs or short guides are a little cheaper. But after looking over this package and checking out the sales letter you're getting can you see how this is worth a few dollars more than the typical PLR you get offered every week?

I hope you can.

Acne X Factor PLR


Set everything you're getting aside... The sales letter you would pay thousands for, opt-in page and email follow up series.... all that stuff.

Let's just focus on the Acne X Factor book.

Any decent writer would charge you $25 a page to write this book, but let's pretend you found someone amazing who only charges you $10 a page.

You would have to pay $1,380 to have them replicate this book.

Even at $1 a page, which even the most desperate freelancer would never charge, you're looking at $138

A $89 investment is a small price for a product like this.

Snatch it up now and you'll own an info-product business that's ready to start making you sales.

Just plug in your payment links, autoresponder opt-in form, and upload it to the internet and you're in business.


Acne X Factor PLR

My Guarantee

I stand by everything I create.

You will have 30 days to review the Acne X Factor and all the sales tools to see that it's exactly as I described here.

I'm confident you're going to be thrilled with the Acne X Factor, but if for any reason you're not, contact me in the next 30 days and I will return your investment.


Nick Hevey

PS. I will work hard to make sure this stays the best acne PLR on the market by updating it with new content and new sales tools. As a customer, you will receive those updates at no cost.

PLR License Terms

You can't use my name on the product, give it away for free, or pass PLR rights to others

You can sell it, edit it, bundle it with other products you sell, add it to a paid membership site, and put your name on it if you like